Detail's on the testing engine booklet development

During my design process on the testing engines booklet i was faced with some interesting problem's to solve, which i wanted to share. 

The first problem i faced was, that the actual root content was very rough and i needed to develop a new way of presenting a very difficult information for more broad masses. You can see the full booklet in my "works" section.


I wanted to develop a new view of the technology, showing beauty in something very specific and which was not designed for the showing it's part's for masses .I had some additional artworks to be designed for specific processes such as specific testing engines Recuperation process. 

You can see below bottom left the root scheme i was requested to design in more modern way. The idea was to show the same process but from another perspective with additional details and some accent's which could make for viewer some aspect's of the technology more clear. And in back you can see 3D rendered map of the same scheme but in more clear and modern way and also with more beauty in actual detail's of the process. 

The next difficult part was to create a scheme showing the PID control in a clear visual way but also to play around and do not focus on exact formula. The problem was that the actual formula was to heavy to display in booklet and i was thinking to create a diagram showing the actual process in more dynamic way. In the end the client liked more classic way of representation of PID control formula.

In the end of the design process for that booklet i realised that there is always a big depth in the creativity which we can achieve if we will dig enough for that. Further in the booklet i developed the idea of the clear and balanced way of presenting difficult object's. 

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano