Interface for testing engines controling process application

During my development of the interface for testing engines application for Technikon engineering company, i was requested to redesign old interface of SCADA data controlling system.

During my research of the old wireframes from previous application tool's, i made a plan to create a more fluid and more simplified interface which will not loose any usability but will become more intuitive and easy to access. The application work's for analyzing the diesel engines for heavy truck's and is aimed to give a statistic's on the actuall sustainability of each element and also to test the engine's in heavy condition's.

I was creating each element in interface with more clarified intuitive visibility of every element or interactive tool.

I was working on each element of the interface separately, to clarify that the usability will work clear and also i was looking at the balance. Below you can see that the position's of each interactive tagline or the button work's the space proportionally and for better visibility relating to the nearby element. I think that in user interface design the understanding of the content is crucial, so then you can eliminate useless decoration's and work on clarifying the important part's. Also during this project i was always consulting with the programming department and the engineering department to create a really working well application for professional's and also for newcomer's to the industry. 

For the section of monitoring the status of each element in testing engine i had a scheme ( see below ) which i found difficult to understand, but i made my own research on each element with help of the main engineer of testing stand. And i decided to show the status of each element in more clear way - 3D. So i rendered the diesel engine and used the image as the map with highlighting the critical status by the masking function with red or orange status. 

As the result the set of the screen's was a starting point for the full redesign of all supporting application's from the Technikon company.